(The) Environment

Our Norwegian beaches and seabed is full of cigarette butts, plastic bottles, fishing gear, disposable barbecues, plastic bags, ropes, old tires, bottles, cans and broken glass. If the littering continues like this, by 2050 there will be more trash than fish in the sea. The discovery of the cuvier's beaked whale outside the Norwegian coast with over 30 plastic bags in the stomach was a brutal reminder of how serious this problem is. Now YOU can help reduce the problem - join us in cleaning Norwegian beaches for trash!

2017-12-0613:56 Liss Marie Jakobsen

With previous festivals fresh in mind, the Træna festival focuses extra on the environment. And we are lucky enough to have great partners and helpers on board this, including HAF and In the same boat.

The Træna festival is located on an island far out at sea where there naturally is water on all sides. Therefore, we have a challenge when it comes to taking care of garbage before the wind blows it to sea.

This means that we have to put up several recycling stations as well as good solutions for our guests to get the resources they need to handle their own trash during the festival.

With these goals, we work to facilitate a good and sensible handling of all waste from the festival's audience and crew. We give out garbage bags at each recycling station and use social media to inform and implement our environmental goals. Together with In the same boat we, among other things, set up information booths about the environment and garbage handeling at the camp, arrange beach cleaning trips and set up Ocean Litter Lab in Vågen where you can help us sort the trash we find outside the islands.

But we also hope that you as an audience and guest of the festival see that this is also part of your responsibility for our common sea and globe!