Play your part in keeping the island clean and save the world – double rainbow!

2017-12-0613:56 Liss Marie Jakobsen

The festival is an event in which almost every one of Træna's 500 or so citizens voluntarily participates  - Norwegians call this "dugnad" - to provide visitors with a cultural experience amid Træna's brain-melting nature. They team up together to convert the local football pitch into an arena, the island's church and chapel into concert venues, caves into cathedrals, their streets  - or, to be more precise, their only street - into an amazing LGBQT Pride parade, the sports hall into an eccentric BnB, its fields into a campsite, and its harbour waterfront into a colourful gathering of food, souvenir stalls and bars. Then the locals dismantle everything once again, before returning to fishing and repairing their houses.

If you think that volunteering is about all work and no pay, then listen up: Træna Festival volunteers may have plenty to do, but the rewards are gratifying, which explains why the many who step up come from all over the world. The work itself is also satisfying: play your part in keeping the island clean, and or help herd festivalgoers to the right place at the right time. Whatever you do, you may not be getting paid, but that’s because you’re priceless. Double rainbow!

What we expect from you as a volunteer:

  • That you have turned 18 years old
  • That you're honest, have good work ethic and anve a great festival mood
  • That you are where you are suppost to be, stays sober and work your shift
  • That you work at least 2 shiftes (ca. 8h per shift) during the festival weekend
  • That you work minimum 20h before or after the festival

This is what you get:

  • A 3 day festival pass
  • Meet new and old friends
  • Exclusive crew sweater
  • Food when you work
  • Certificate of completed tasks

... AND at least lots of good karma!

Without volunteers, we couldn't have organized our festival so far out in the sea. Thank you!


PS. When you register as a volunteer you must also choose what shifts you want to work this festival. The shifts you choose is the shifts you get, so we expect that you show up and work the right places at the right times. If you have questions you can email Marianne at marianne(at)trena.net

And if you get sick or for any other reason can't work your shift at the set time, you are responsible to tell your nearest supervisor or the volunteer team as soon as possible. If you already have recieved your festival pass you have to provide a sick leave from a doctor or other medical personel for the period your sick and cant work at the festival. If you can't provide this the festival will invioce you 3000nok for the festival pass you have recieved.

Want to get to know the other volunteers? Join our facebook group here!

So, what can you work with:

Our bars have a good atmosphere, and high tempo - you sell drinks and minimize the queue!

Here you sell passes, check identification, and you give out festival bracelets to people with tickets.

If you have experience as a waiter/waitress, you're extra welcome in FishyFishy and our other food caterings. Festival guests should feel welcome and cared for when they are served delicious food from the sea. Good mood, good service and effective work are key words for this volunteer job.

The tasks of the smile patrol are to take care of volunteers and staff, spread «oceanjoy» and help out where it is needed. This group is manning the volunteer tent and patrolling the festival area with big smiles and an energy boost. Is your good mood infectious? Then this is the category for you!

The food we serve at the Træna festival is very important for us, and this category involves the jobs associated in the grill and our kitchen. Cooking and grilling are the tasks here. Like the smell of great food in the making? This is the job for you!

Run the special Hjella bar, keep it nice and tidy and serve good drinks and food. And did we mention? Hjella bar is just by the sea!

Here you help the chefs to make breakfast, you keep it nice and clean and make sure our BnB guest has a good stay

This is the rigging crew that works with the Kirkhelleren concert and the love tunnel at the island Sanna. Since you helping to carry equipment you'll get a free ride to Sanna on the Saturday when the concert is.

You transport artists and the rigging crew before, during and after the festival. The drivers must have a valid driver's license for car/minibus. We also need forklift and truck drivers.

Here you help put up and dismantle the festival. It can be cleaning, rigging fences, tents or stages or clean up garbage. This is both before and after the festival and we have work for all ages and skills!

Join the marketing team and document all the magical moments during the Træna festival and the surrounding nature. You get the chance to experience everything up close and join us for activities, concerts and other fun things happening on the islands during the festival.

Questions about the photographer job is sent to press@trena.net.