The journey to Træna begins with the purchase of your festival pass. Træna is an archipelago, so pretty much the only way to get here is by boat. If you’re not a local, and are unfamiliar with local systems, the journey can be a logistical challenge. Fortunately, that's half the fun, and the festival will make it as easy for you as possible: there are plenty of routes leading to Træna! Welcome to the 2019 Træna Festival!

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 Need a ride to the festival?

Post in this facebook group to see if anyone has a spare seat in their car.

SeilNorge: Travel to and from Træna with sailing yachts.

‘Hoist the topsail’ in Helgeland this summer. What better way to arrive at Træna than after a week’s voyage up the coast of Helgeland? SeilNorge can take you to and from the festival. You can read more about it here.

Festival boats

The festival arrange with boats from Sandnessjøen, Bodø and Nesna via Stokkvågen out to the festival and back. Find tickets and time schedule here. 


Fast boats and Ferries: Public Transport to Træna

Two companies provide public boat transport to Træna: Torghatten Nord and Boreal. For festival goers traveling from Oslo or beyond, boat tickets can be bought in advance for the most common route, which involves sailing from Bodø then changing at Stokkvågen. Tickets for other routes to the festival can only be bought at the time of travel. Book tickets in advance here

Car ferry from Stokkvågen to Træna:

Every day except Saturday and Sunday: 9.05am and 5.45pm
Saturday and Sunday: kl 5.45pm

Route info here!

MARK! Limited parking space in Stokkvågen!

Fast boat from Sandnessjøen hurtigbåtkai to Træna, people only transport: 

Monday - Friday: 8.40am. Arrival Træna 10.55am 
This boats stops at Nesna, Onøy, Sleneset and Lovund before arriving Træna.

Monday - Saturday: 4.30pm. Arrival Træna 7.05pm
This boats stops at Nesna, Stokkvågen, Onøy, Sleneset and Lovund before arriving Træna.

Route info here!

Fast boat Bodø hurtigbåtkai, people only transport:

Monday - Friday: 8.00am. Arrival Træna 12.55pm.
This boat stops at, among other places, Myken where it waits from 11.10am-12.00pm.

Monday - Saturday: 4.15pm, boat switch at Stokkvågen. Arrival Træna ca. 9.30pm.
This boat stops for a boat switch in Stokkvågen 8.10pm. The new boat leaves for Træna 8.15pm.

Route info here!


Are you going to one of the neighboring islands during the festival? Here is the schedule for boats to Lovund, Selvær, Holmen, Sandøy og Sanna: 

Route info here!

Travel Pass Nordland

With Travel Pass Nordland you get access to all of our 440 buses and 28 speedboats for seven days. The county of Nordland covers 25 percent of Norway's coastline. With Travel Pass Nordland you can access many of our beautiful fjords, mountains and islands for seven days for 990 NOK.

Read more about Travel Pass Nordland!



If you're traveling by plane, there are daily departures from Oslo to Mo I Rana, Sandnessjøen or Brønnøysund with Widerøe. Time Schedule and tickets here.


From Trondheim you can take the Nordlandsbanen to Mo I Rana or Bodø, and then travel to Træna by bus or/and boat. See the time schedule and find tickets here.


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