Activities (Extracurricular Festival Activities)

For extracurricular activities, the possibilities are endless. Your imagination is the only limit. Next to music (and fish) Træna can offer the happy festivalgoer a variety of activities and fulfill plenty of needs and wishes, whether it’s beach yoga, climbing or fishing.Sanna is, in our eyes, Europe's most beautiful paddle paradise. Thousands of islands, the mighty ocean and majestic mountains that create a wonderful setting around the paddle adventure. During the festival we paddle around with morning walks, day trips and midnight sunsets Wednesday to Sunday. Within four days, we deliver a varied program of tours to suit all wishes and needs.

The only limit is your imagination!
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Kayaking Tours Around The Festival

The island of Sanna and its archipelago is, in our opinion, Europe's most beautiful paddling paradise. Thousands of islands, majestic mountains and, of course, the open sea provide a perfect backdrop for kayaking adventures. During the festival, we’ll paddle around the clock’, from Wednesday to Sunday, offering guided tours morning, noon and (mid)night – especially good for sunsets.


The Far Side of Sanna Island tour

The trip to the Far Side of Sanna takes approx. two and a half to four hours, depending on whether we go around the south or north side of the island and, of course, the weather. The main route passes around the Trænastaven peak (338 m) and lets you experience the great North Sea between Norway and Iceland. It’s an insane experience, but if you’re afraid of water, this may not be the best option for you, since, as a rule, mighty oceans offer mighty waves. But we’ll make sure everyone is safe throughout the trip and returns home with an unforgettable experience under their belt. You’ll need to be in shape for the trip, but it’s by no means arduous.


Archipelago exploration

A two-hour tour exploring the Træna Archipelago, visiting some of its 1000 islands. The tour requires little or no prior knowledge, and its gentle pace maximises this encounter with immaculate nature. 


Kayaking Roll Crash Course

Ahead of Saturday’s concert in Kirkhelleren, we invite you for a fun Kayaking Roll (aka ‘Eskimo Roll’) Crash Course – kayaking’s most important safety technique. Clothes and equipment are included in the price.


Kayaking Course

On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th July, between 9am and 5pm, we’ll offer an NPF (Norwegian Canoe Association) Basic Kayaking Course, with ‘wet cards’, technical and rescue training, all necessary paddle equipment – clothes and gloves, hood and shoes etc – are included in the price of the trips. Spots are limited, so register as soon as possible.


NB! We provide dry suits and full expedition equipment on all tours so everyone can feel safe, regardless of experience or skill. Groups are small, guides are highly trained, and equipment is top notch. Safety is central to a good kayaking experience.


Waterproof mobile phone cases and festival buff headwear will be also be available thanks to the generosity of Sparebank1. You need to bring food, beverages, underwear, an extra pair of dry clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen and snacks. In the unlikely event you forget to bring a great mood with you, one will arrive automatically.


Registration is binding, but you’re free to sell / give away your space if you inform us with enough time to update contact information for all tour participants.


Price list:


Yttersia (The Far Side of Sanna): 1800 NOK; Early Bird price (until May 1st) 1200 NOK. Midnight sun paddle tour kr.1400

Level: Moderate


Tour Of The Archipelago: 1100 NOK; Early Bird price (until May 1st) 800 NOK.

Level: Easy


Kayaking Roll Crash Course, Sanna: 1000 NOK; Early Bird price (until May 1st) 800 NOK

Level: Easy


Kayaking Course, Sanna 4-8 July: 3200 NOK; Early Bird price (until May 1st) 2800 NOK

Level: Easy

 Book a tour here.

If you want to participate in tours in your own kayak and / or equipment, prices will be approx. 60% of those listed here. Contact Vegard for further information.


For bookings outside scheduled hours, or group tour bookings, contact Vegard as early as possible.


Our tours do not include boat rides from Husøy to Sanna. Contact Øyvind Gjersvik at Meløy Adventure (Tel. +4791540866) for transport between Husøy and Sanna.



Climbing Trænastaven

During the festival, Rana SpesialSport will offer guided tours to the top of Sanna’s imposing Trænastaven, our beautiful mountain range far out at sea. The view from the top of this 338-metre peak is outstanding, and in clear weather – if you bring a telescope along for the climb – you can see all the way to Iceland and Greenland. Even without a telescope, you can still see the whole Træna municipality, the coast of Helgeland, Røst island (Lofoten), and the Svartisen Glacier.


This wonderful ascent, a so-called ‘tower climb’, isn’t so hard in technical terms and doesn't necessarily require any kind of special skills (or years of experience), although being in decent physical shape will help. There are only a limited number of places available per group, so book early.


Rana SpesialSport arrange group climbs with meeting points at the festival’s family campsite and Sanna’s harbour, where, before heading off, you’ll be handed your personal climbing gear and given all necessary information.  The route, heading through the graveyard then following the sea along Sanna’s north west coast, includes flat rock walking and some climbing, all the way to a hell of a view of both sides of the mountain. The climb itself takes around four hours, and at all times you’re secured by ropes, so you can focus fully on this ‘goosebumps’ experience.


All necessary climbing gear is provided by Rana Spesialsport.


Price: 1700 NOK per person

Time: approx 4 hours

Schedule: Thursday – Saturday, 0900 and 1330


Pre-registration is required. Tours offer limited capacity, and fill up quickly. Book the tour here.


Our tours do not include the boat ride from Husøy to Sanna. Contact Øyvind Gjersvik at Meløy Adventure (Tel. +4791540866) for transport between Husøy and Sanna. His transport is timed to correspond with hiking departures.


Personal equipment checklist:

Weather-friendly clothing – be prepared for rain and wind

Hat and gloves

Food and drink for the hike


Provide your signed ‘Climbing Declaration Form’ upon arrival so we can leave at the appointed time.


Registration is binding! Participants must fully understand the Climbing Declaration Form they sign. Guides have additional forms to ensure signature BEFORE the trip starts.

Contact information:
E-mail: post@spesialsport.no
Phone: +47 91148455 (Kristin) or +47 90951108 (Egil)