SeilNorge: Travel to or from the Trænafestival in a fleet of sailingboats.
‘Hoist the topsail’ in Helgeland this summer. What better way to arrive at Træna than after a week’s voyage up the coast of Helgeland? You may join one of SailNorway's trips to the festival.

2017-04-1910:31 Liss Marie Jakobsen

Travel to or from the Træna festival with SailNorway!

There are many ways to reach magical Træna, however few alternatives are better than sailing out here. On the 10th year our partner SailNorway arranges their sailing adventures to and from the Træna festival, and you are invited to join!

You may join on a week-long sail up the coast of Helgeland before the festival, or join onboard after the festival for the week up to Lofoten. SailNorway's trips are a mix of adventure and course; if you have not tried sailing you will learn as you go along.

Underway you will: 

  • Explore the coast of Helgeland and Lofoten
  • Be part of a unique and exciting travel to the festival 
  • Meet interesting people from all over the world 
  • Learn the art of seamanship and sailing as we go along 
  • Have accomodation onboard the boats during the festival (Islandhopping)
  • Learn local dialects and expressions

SailNorways trips to and from the festival

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