Do whatever your heart desires – just clean up your mess!
2017-12-0613:55 Liss Marie Jakobsen

This is almost exclusively a camping festival, and the festival campsite is your best and practically only option for accommodation.

When you arrive at the island, you‘ll be guided to the campsite (though it isn’t hard to find since it’s just beyond the festival site itself).

To secure your weekend space, present your festival pass, your ID, and 450,- NOK per person –you don’t need to book in advance – and for those with a low tolerance for inebriated campers, or who suffer from tinnitus, there are designated quiet areas within the site.

Feskeslo BnB bokking will open shortley

Here you can book a tent indoors at Træna

You'll find tents indoors, next to the festival area, including mattresses for the guests. You can also book bed linens and towels through us, so you do not have to bring your own. To reserve a tent you must buy tickets here. Then you pay a deposit of 500NOK. Later you have to pay for minimum 2 persons in the tent, which is 3200NOK. For any 3rd and 4th guest in the tent, it costs 400NOK per person per night. After you have reserved your tickets email us at feskslo@trena.net and tell us:
- How many guests staying in the tent 
- How many of you who also want to rent bed linen and towels for the stay
- You must also tell us the number of the tent you have reserved


Barbeint Luxus is an option for those who want to experience the Trænafestival and don't want to stay in tents outdoors.

You stay at Lovund Hotell (on our neighbouring island Lovund), with it's own dedicated Festival Shuttle (30 min boat ride to the festival)

You can experience the Trænafestival and still stay quiet and comfortable at Lovund.

We have our own boat from Bodø to Lovund on Thursday the 5th of July aprx. 14.00 and return to Bodø Sunday the 8th of July aprx. 12.00 with arrival in Bodø at 15.00.

7240NOK per person in a double room
1215NOK additional for a single room

- Charter boat: Bodø – Lovund July 5th
- Accommodation incl. breakfast at Lovund Hotell from July 5th to the 8th
- Festival Shuttle
- Festival Pass
- Charter boat: Lovund – Bodø July 8th