Island hopping

Experience Træna's unknown gems through a gourmet meal in Træna archipelago. Trænafestivalen is in 2020 offering the festival guests to participate in a world-class experience, a boat trip between several of Trænas unknown gems.

2017-04-1910:39 Liss Marie Jakobsen

The tour starts at the fast boat dock at Husøy, where you will be greeted with the first dish and glass. From there the trip takes you to Sandøy and Holmen where a short stop is made at sea. From Holmen, the trip continues to Selvær where everyone will meet Selvær's unique hospitality at the "Storhurraen" where you will be served a formidable lunch and a mini-concert.

The chef is Hilde Grande from Smak Lofoten, and local beer from Selvær is of course on the menu!

More info coming.

More info coming.