Play your part in keeping the island clean and save the world – double rainbow!
2017-12-0613:56 Liss Marie Jakobsen

The festival is an event in which almost every one of Træna’s 500 or so citizens

voluntarily participatesNorwegians call this “dugnadto provide visitors with a cultural experience amid Træna’s brain-melting nature. They team up together to convert the local football pitch into an arena, the island’s church and chapel into concert venues, caves into cathedrals, their streetsor, to be more precise, their only streetinto the world’s northernmost LGBQT Pride parade, the sports hall into an eccentric B&B, its fields into a campsite, and its harbour waterfront into a colourful gathering of food, souvenir stalls and bars. Then the locals dismantle everything once again, before returning to fishing and repairing their houses.

If you think that volunteering is about all work and no pay, then listen up: Træna Festival volunteers may have plenty to do, but the rewards are gratifying, which explains why the many who step up come from all over the world. The work itself is also satisfying: play your part in keeping the island clean, and or help herd festivalgoers to the right place at the right time. Whatever you do, you may not be getting paid, but that’s because you’re priceless. Double rainbow!

What the festival expect of you as a volunteer:

You’ll need to be at least 18, honest, cheerful, sober, punctual, diligent and reliable.  Your designated work and allocated time normally consist of two sessions of six to eight hours – depending upon the work – over the course of the weekend, but in return you’ll get any necessary training, a full festival pass, food during working hours, an exclusive Trænasweatshirt and, of course, good karma.