Take Træna by Storm 2019

We'll do it again! For the fourth time we invite you to take Træna by Storm February 14th to 17th! This winter festival is a tribute to what makes life out here in Trænfjorden both difficult and very charming.

2018-11-0914:29 Kristine Karlsen

The festival includes both parties and professional input. In the seminar, we focus on social innovation and local development. The program is also full of musical experiences, cultural happenings, art and taste sensations, island hopping and unexpected discoveries.

February is the peak season for all kinds of weather and storms, but it is also when the light comes back, winter fishing is busiest and contrasts rich. We welcome all, and look forward to visits from both the north, south, east and the west. Mountaineers, Sea People, townspeople and villagers! Put a cross in the calendar and look forward to a stormy weekend with Havfolket.

Welcome to Take Træna by Storm!

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