Sanskriti Shrestha

Sanskriti Shrestha and Andreas Wildhagen is a percussion couples from Kathmandu and Oslo, with base latter city.

2018-11-2011:26 Kristine Karlsen

They have both been involved in iconic projects in the Norwegian and Scandinavian music scene, and made the intention to play duo come to life after they were invited to play at a festival in Belgium. They also played at the newly launched Jazzramp festival in Oslo around the same time, to great success. Sanskriti plays "tabla tarang" which is a set of 7-8 tablas that serves as melodic percussion. Together with Andreas' drums and cymbals, the result is something special.

Sanskriti is best known from Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conception of Jazz, Moksha and her own band Avatar. But in her discography there is also collaborations with, among others, Geir Sundstøl and Jenny Hval. She comes from a professional musician family and has played tabla since she was four years old. In recent years she has grown to become one of the most exciting voices in percussion, and seamlessly blends eastern and western influences with the help of an untraditional and extended tabla setup. Andreas Wildhagen is most famous from Paal Nilssen-Loves Frijazzstorband Large Unit, Jonas Cambien Trio, Nakama and Momentum. He has also released a solo album with an acoustic drum kit.