Demokratisk dansegulv

Do you love choosing the music you want to listen to when you're at a party? Are you tired of the DJ NEVER playing your favorite song in the club? Do you want to decide how the playlist sounds when you're going out dancing? Yes? Us too!

2018-06-0411:17 Kristine Karlsen

Demokratisk Dansegulv (Democratic dance floor) is the success from Sweden that has finally reached Norway! Two famous clubs meet in a fierce DJ battle, and it is YOU GUYS who decides which song they play. Do you want to hear Backstreet Boys or Kurt Nilsen? Beyoncè or A-ha? "5 fine frøkner" or "Livin' On A Prayer"? It's up to you! Moderator and judge for the evening is Norway's own Party-Swede Krigerdanne, a.k.a. Daniel Sjörs.


  1. You dance
  2. Two DJ teams each presents a song on the screen on stage
  3. You vote wich song you want to hear by shouting the name of the song
  4. The judge picks the winner
  5. The DJ team that shouts the loudest wins the round
  6. The winning team plays the song you voted for and you dance again
  7. New round