Pen gutt

With his unique rap style, Pen Gutt has received international attention from The FADER and "The Needle Drop", among other for the song "Independent". With his two record labels, Luft Recordings (SASSY 009, BAYA) and Terrible Records (Solange, Blood Orange), and the debut album in his inner pocket, Pen Gutt can quickly become your next favorite artist.

2019-02-1312:11 Kristine Karlsen

And on the seventh day, the sun set in perfect position to make life possible on earth. Life both flourished and created total chaos, before leaving only the strongest.

"Those who have ears - listen! Those who have eyes - see!"

The heavenly host has mercy on this being, so let us all bow our heads toward the sun while the music and words become one.

Pen gutt invites you in.