Lisa Skoglund

Lisa Skoglund is an authentic northern Norwegian songwriter who tells stories of the unresolved between people and takes us safe into feelings we rarely dare to stand in. Skoglund packs it all elegantly into a playful pop soundscape.

2018-11-2012:24 Kristine Karlsen

Lisa Skoglund has the last two years been writing songs from her base in Tromsø. In the creative process, she has worked with producer Are Simonsen and other talented musicians. From the spring of 2017 Skoglund has played small concerts around Northern Norway and earlier in 2018 she released the EP "Falle Der Æ Står" with the single "Hjertefyll" that has been listed on radio NRK P1 and has over 70,000 streams on Spotify.

She was born and raised in Tromsø. In 2011 Lisa moved to Oslo to take her bachelor in popular music at the Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio, with vocals as the main instrument. Already the first year in the capital, she found herself a band, and worked continuously with her own musical expression alongside her education. In 2013 she was awarded the Festspillene i Nord-Norges touring scholarship and embarked on touring Norway. In the spring of 2014 she released the EP "Alt Vi Ikke Sir". During this period Skoglund played on among other Buktafestivalen, Parkteatret, Josefines Visescene, Driv and Kulturkirken Jakob.